[out]place {abstraction}

(audiovisual installation, 2014)

Audiovisual installation that fosters the hypnotic contemplation of an imersive atmosphere that transports the spectators to a unknown place – UTOPIA, where the time is enjoyed involving sensations and metaphors.
An audio and visual monologue that symbolizes the utopia of a moment, in a passing time and without ever wanting to go back, just for a journey that never ends…
The visuals and the soundscapes are based on the exploration and experimentation of new visual aesthetic that maximize simplicity and conceptual abstraction that evolves as metaphors of sounds, being the result of the synchronization between sound and image, through repetition, fragmentation and transformation… representing the variety in unity…

Concept and Production: Frederico Dinis
Media: Ambient music textures and b/w video

(c) frederico dinis, 2015