dreams and emotions

dreams and emotions

dreams and emotions
(audiovisual performance, 2011)

A play of sounds and images, an objective capable of capturing all the emotions of those who focus.
To dream, we just need to feel the soundscapes, each plan of filming and let us conduct by new sensations.
In each moment it embraces our desires, calms our mind and gives us the opportunity to wander through time, without looking back.

Concept: Frederico Dinis
Interpretation: Frederico Dinis (laptop, beats, effects) and Ricardo Cruz (live visuals)

dreams and emotions, Mosteiro Santa Clara-a-Velha (Coimbra, PT)

dreams and emotions, Museu da Pedra (Cantanhede, PT)

dreams and emotions, Aqui Base Tango (Coimbra, PT)

(c) frederico dinis, 2015