fragments of emotions

fragments of emotions
(audiovisual performance, 2016)

Fragments …
… from a personal narrative that circles around sound and visual pieces of emotions that have as their starting point personal memories.
They are fragments that awake our senses and make our lives run… there is fragments of sadness, disappointment, contemplation, but also joy, hope, peace…
It’s a constant recall of an personal sonic and visual world, in constant remembrance of more than just simple faded memories, and where in each moment is built a distinct emotional tone. For a moment and time are presented fragments of emotions that do not want to be kept but shared to be transformed to make sense to all.

Dramaturgy, scenic space, sound and visual composition: Frederico Dinis
Interpretation: Frederico Dinis
Support to dramaturgy: Leonor Barata
Graphic design: Júlio Ferreira
Cultural management and general assistance: Ana Arromba Dinis
Production: Pensamento Voador
Coproduction: TAGV – Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente
Project financed by DG Artes, Direção-Geral das Artes (PT)
Artistic residencies: Galeria Santa Clara (Coimbra), TAGV – Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente (Coimbra), Sonoscopia (Porto)
Support: CEIS20 – Centro de Estudos Interdisciplinares do Século XX da Universidade de Coimbra, Curso de Estudos Artísticos/ Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Coimbra, ISCAC, Câmara Municipal de Cantanhede

(c) frederico dinis, 2016